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Productive procrastination
How I stayed productive at work with procrastination
The task at hand that we want to avoid, gives us the reason to search for some alternative task. For example,

In office

    Clean my desk (1 hour)
    Keep paperwork in organized (10 mins)
    Fill papers in the printer (5 mins)
    Take a coffee (5 mins)
    Catch up with a colleague what they are working on (10-30 mins)
    Help my colleagues with books, calculations, tips etc. (5 mins)
    Document my work. Write down the procedure for doing something (1-3 hours)
    Take a walk outside (30 mins)
    Learn some advanced skill related to work (Excel, AutoCAD, Word etc.) (1-4 hours)
    Upgrade old worksheets and clean any unused sheets or names (1-4 hours)
    Meet people from other departments to know what they are on (20 mins)
    Browse HBR for emotional intelligence and workplace productivity (Lunch break)
    See any interesting examples of work (during low moods)
    Request colleagues for consistency in the design calculations and presentation (when no work or deadline is no where near)
    Take a print of a paper from a complex article or book and post it on my desk wall (When feeling lucky!)

In Home

    Start working instead of washing clothes
    Start working instead of cooking food
    Cleaning room instead of working on an interesting idea or completing drawings
    Watch movies instead of sticking to the computer
    Walking instead of working for I was watching movies online
    Fantasizing instead of working on concrete thoughts on requited love charm
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