Dev productivity tips & tools

The following tips and tools are found to be useful in the daily life of a developer


The following tips would improve the speed and consistency in work. Decreases the lazyness around working productively.

Keyboard shortcuts

  1. Selects the whole thing - Shift + fn + ->

  2. More control over the selection - Shift + ->

  3. Word by word movement - Ctrl + ->

Intellij specific

Search the codebase - Press Shift 2 times


Snippet - Win + Shift + S Powershell options - Win + X Organize windows - Win + -> or <-


Bring brilliance to the discussion.


GitHub Markdown











Note: complete emoji list.

Unicode symbols

Unicode arrows (โ†’ โ‡’ โ‡„ โ†ป) reference linkโ€‹

Thank you

Thank at the beginning, during and at the end of any process.

In a Pull Request (PR) there are about 10 Thank you's!

Shall we ask questions or give a request or suggestion?

Even though we are sure about something, let us give some room for discussion by asking a question.

Email etiquette



Mail address

Make sure to have a different email addresss for Open Source discussion with a pseudony, such for example, corepointer or j143. So that email address can be j143 [at]

Full name

Full name of a person is to be kept private.

  1. If you are using Gmail, navigate to

  2. In the edit info section, you might want to remove your second name! :)



Grammar correction tool

Always check for typos in emails, comments or discussions.

Some tools: Grammarlyโ€‹

The chat language ("u" instead of "you") to be avoided, write down full sentences.

Pomodoro technique

Manage time and stay undistracted!

How it works?

  1. Choose a task you'd like to get done

  2. Set the timer for 25 minutes

  3. Work on the task until the time completes

  4. Note it as one pomodoro

  5. Take a short break


A chrome extension atโ€‹

Git documentation

One stop shopping for all that is git.



The words that we frequently use in development conversations

For example:

  1. How to understand a problem, better?

Aritcle link:โ€‹

  1. Many things just don't work the first time, and we do need to repeat them again and again.

Article link:โ€‹

External links

  1. A Human Guide to Developer Productivity. link:โ€‹